Nutrition for Esophageal Cancer

Nutrition for esophageal cancer patients is very vital as they find it hard to swallow foods and drink liquids including water. Patients might not get enough energy to even eat foods that they might lack energy to fight against esophageal cancer. But eating healthy foods should not be neglected. Patients suffering from esophageal cancer should find ways to incorporate healthy foods and nutrition rich foods in their diet. The selected foods should offer good calories to help the body stay healthy and also to make swallowing easy.

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Living Well — Diet and Nutrition

33 How do I know when I should see a registered dietitian?

See a registered dietitian (RD) when your diabetes is first diagnosed, when a new doctor changes your treatment plan, or twice a year for a routine review of your meal plan and goals. See the RD more often if:

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Nutrition And Cancer

Nutrition and Cancer

Cancer is a faulty immune system disease. If a person does not get enough of the right kinds of nutrition their immune system cannot work properly and cancer and other diseases take over.

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Can Meibomian Gland Dysfunction be cured?

Meibomian gland dysfunction is a frequent cause of dry eye symptoms. It is also called MGD, meibomitis, and posterior blepharitis. The disorder is a complex condition, but it generally includes inflammation in the meibomian glands of the eyelid, which extrude the lipids (meibome) that make up the outer layer of the tear film. The inflammation may be due to an obstruction on the gland outlet at the eyelid margin.

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Advantages of the Atkins Diet

Dr.Robert Atkins addressed his own weight condition from a diet he read in the Journal of the American Medical Association.  Realizing the benefits of the diet he  followed Atkins later popularized the idea as The Atkins Diet in a series of books, starting with Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution in 1972. The Atkins Diet or just ‘Atkins’ is a well known low carbohydrate diet.

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Get Ripped to Shreds in 6 Short Weeks!!!

The time is coming… you just turned 28 and your 10-year high school reunion is just around the corner. You’re going to Cabo in 2 months! Or maybe you just want to Get Ripped for summer? Who cares what the reason is! We’re all in the same boat and we need to Get Ripped FAST!

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6 Things You Need to Do to Increase Muscle Mass

Regardless of your body type, gaining muscle is not an easy thing to do, everyone is different but one thing is for sure; we will all eventually reach a plateau or “sticking point”. If you want to gain muscle and progress at a steady rate it is very important to be spontaneous and change things up every now and then.

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Nutrition: Health and Wealth


The Healthy Save…How Much Do You Spend?


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